Training That Creates Lasting Learning, Way Beyond an Event

For over 30 years, we’ve been training thousands of leaders through our public workshops across North American and with custom-developed learning solutions that fit your needs!

What to Expect

Learning That is About Personal and Organizational Improvement, Not a Training Event

We believe that learning is a process, not an event. One training class doesn’t solve the problem. One book won’t change everything. We strive to help build processes that will support the learning beyond events, processes that are relevant and valuable in the real world.

Learning That is Engaging and Interactive

Learning is much more than a one-way lecture, and we can’t expect people to learn new skills in a passive lecture. People need a chance to try and practice and we build training that is supported by processes you can use and apply back in the real world when you return from the event.

Learning That is Fun

Learning should be fun. When we make learning fun, exciting and interactive, we learn more, learn faster, and remember longer.

Training Should Equal Results... But It Usually Doesn't!

Find out why training isn't producing the results you need with this powerful video series.

Our Most Requested Topics

We offer learning solutions on a variety of topics including leadership, coaching, communication, new supervisor skills, customer service, presentation skills, team building and more. Many of these are available as public workshops and all of them can be customized to meet your unique needs and goals.

Bud to Boss

A comprehensive training solution that equips new leaders and supervisors with the skills they need to make a successful transition to leadership.

Remarkable Coaching

A one-of-a-kind program that focuses entirely on the coaching component of leadership, helping leaders to build the skills they need to develop potential in others.

Remarkable Communicator

This program teaches results-oriented communication skills, teaching individuals how to tailor communication to different people and situations to consistently produce the results they want.

Remarkable Customer Service

Our Customer Service workshops provide tools, techniques, and approaches to enhance individual mindsets and skills, and organizational proficiencies at delighting Customers.

Remarkable Team Building

This program helps intact, newly forming, or project teams work together better by focusing on communication and interpersonal skills, improved work plans and tactics and more.

Remarkable Leadership

Our flagship program that provides essential leadership skills to help leaders get more done and get better results.

Remote Leadership

An entirely virtual learning solution that helps leaders, teams and organizations build productive connections in an increasingly scattered workplace.

Find Kevin on LinkedIn Learning

Kevin is a proud partner and contributor to LinkedIn Learning and currently offers six courses on their platform including: 

for Results

In this course, Kevin goes over the manager's role, sharing expert tips for getting great results from both individual employees and your overall team.

Leading Virtual

Join Kevin as he identifies the challenges to holding a productive meeting online, and shares tactics for making these meetings successful.


In this course, Kevin teaches the basics of becoming a manager your direct reports admire and respect and one your boss can rely on.

Leading at
a Distance

Kevin dives into the basics of remote leadership, shares tips for getting results at a distance, as well as how to build trust, and much more.

Planning for Your Hybrid Organization

In this course, instructor Kevin Eikenberry outlines six different hybrid work models and shows you how to determine which type of remote work model will be best for you.

Making Key Decisions as a Manager

In this course, management expert Kevin Eikenberry shows how your approach to decision-making affects the results you deliver and impacts a wide array of people and processes.


One of the best ways to understand the essence of who we are is to listen to our Clients. Here are just a few testimonials and success stories of other leaders and organizations who have worked with us.

Susan Lawlor


Kevin has made an impact with my work life in such a positive way. I have been able to employ the skills and tips I learned, with results almost immediately.

Laura Strait

Sixth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services

An investment in Kevin's material is an investment in a healthier workplace culture and participative environment.

Hugh Doherty

Business of Dental Practice

Kevin Eikenberry is the BEST of the BEST of all the educators that are trying to educate us about the importance of leadership. 

Albert Uwayo

Spark Microgrants

Kevin is a great coach of leadership development skills. His clear and simple tips and live examples take anyone who wants to become a great leader to a next step to improve the organizational leadership.

Off-the-Shelf or Customized?

One of the training questions that we get asked often is:

Should we buy off-the-shelf training or pay to customize it?

It’s a great question AND…if you’re asking this question it probably means you have some concerns about the off-the-shelf training that you’ve found – not necessarily that the training is bad, but rather not quite what you need or are looking for.

I recorded a short video with my thoughts and a view pointers on deciding which is best for you.

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